These society was formally organized in 2004 by a group of colleagues from different Mexican universities under the initiative of scholars who were regular participants of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)annual conferences. During the same year, protocols were fulfilled for our affiliation to the WCCES during the XII World Congress of Comparative Education held in Havana, Cuba.

Since then, SOMEC members have been actively participating in world conferences in Sarajevo, Istanbul, Buenos Aires and Beijing, besides participating in many of the national and regional conferences celebrated in different parts of the world.

To accomplish the mission of promoting the field of comparative education, every other year SOMEC organizes a congress, which is attended by a growing number of colleagues from different parts of the country. So far they have been at the National University in Mexico City and has attracted more colleagues from abroad. SOMEC also had a relevant participation on lectures and book launching. The editorial production of SOMEC has grown to 16 books and two more are getting ready for print. Reviews of these books have been published by a number of international journals.

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